Thursday, 4 July 2013

ISTE 2013

I had the great privilege of attending the ISTE 2013 conference in San Antonio in June, along with two colleagues from my school and somewhere between 15 and 20 thousand other educators. The conference broadened my horizons on many fronts and I came away with a mix of small and big ideas that I am keen to explore further.

One of the commitments that I made during the course of the conference was to engage with blogging; it seems to me to have a number of potential benefits including ensuring that: 

  • I undertake a form of disciplined reflection about my own learning and thinking
  • I contribute to the wider body of thinking about learning, education and school transformation
  • I model the learning in which I hope to lead students and staff
  • I develop the extent, depth and value of my own Personal Learning Network
That is the intention - we'll see how it goes!

As a starting point, I learned how to use Evernote at ISTE 2013; it was my tool of choice for taking notes and recording the event. I had not used it prior to the conference, but it was recommended to me as a great resource for organising and recording my work. There are four things about this tool that I love. These are:
  • The capacity to embed sound and image within notes. As I made my way around the conference, I used my iPad to take photos of things I wanted to investigate further and I embedded the photos in my Evernote documents.
  • The option to organise notes through Notebooks - I had one Notebook designated ISTE 2013 and each separate session or event got its own Note within that book
  • The cross-platform capacity is very helpful. I used my iPad as my main notetaking tool at the conference, but now as I come to process the notes I am able to do so using either my Mac at home or my PC at work
  • The search function within Evernote is very helpful.
I can see a lot of value for secondary students in using Evernote to organise their learning at school - different notebooks for different subjects. This would be of particular value if they utilise different platforms in different context.

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