Monday, 15 July 2013

Learning to use different tools -Scoopit

I wanted to assemble a number of readings and resources for a Special Interest Group of staff at my school; we are thinking about the built environment as we look towards the next few years at the school. About a dozen staff have volunteered to be a part of the process. Back in the day, I may well have done some photocopying and, if time permitted, perhaps bound the (black and white) pages into folders for distribution. Last year, engaging in a similar process, I compiled a list of URLs into an email and distributed it to the relevant people. Now - I have discovered !

I have been reading resources through for the last year or so, mostly disseminated through Twitter, but I had not ever chased the tool down. My assumption was that it was something like Zite which I have been using on my iPad. However, becoming aware that it was a tool for curation as well as search, I taught myself how to use it today - it took all of five minutes!

Here is my first page. The focus is on the built environment and schools.

I don't know if it will of use or interest to anyone outside the immediate working group, but it is far more attractive, accessible and easy to assemble than the old brick of photocopying. The resources that have been curated include a slideshow, a video, a couple of blogs and a couple of .pdf documents - all in the one place and easily accessible. There is space for my commentary on each one, and room for others to post comments. In short - great tool! has boundless utility for teachers as a curating tool. At the moment most of our teachers would use Moodle (or Edmodo) as a location for both documents to be downloaded and for links to web-based resources. I reckon a link to would be the only one needed - and the curation search is accelerated and easy too.

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