Monday, 2 September 2013

Reflecting on change

The Association of Independent Schools (NSW) have developed an excellent resource called Embedding Excellence, which is a program providing a structured approach to school transformation. Information about the program can be found on the AISNSW websiteOne of the resources available through the program is a brief article that is one of the best things that I have read on change management in schools - an area of intense interest to me.

The article suggests the following elements as key drivers of transformational change:

  • the purpose of the change. In schools, there must be clarity that change is taking place in the interests of improving the learning outcomes for all students.
  • building capacity for change. The key here is building sustainably for the long term, developing the skills, knowledge, resources and structures that will be integrated for enduring effect
  • understanding the change process. The process is not linear, it ebbs and flows, and all the elements of change do not coalesce predictably.
  • establishing a culture of learning and evaluation. Significant learning happens in and through the shared experience of peers, so structures ought facilitate collaboration. This culture must also embrace evaluation, not uncritical embrace of change for changes sake.
  • distributing leadership. Both formal and informal leadership are needed to take responsibility for bringing about change around the strategic intent - the moral purpose.
  • resilient and resolute persistence for change. "The change process requires pushing ahead without being rigid, regrouping despite setbacks, and not being discouraged when progress is slow."
Lots to think about ....

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