Friday, 13 December 2013

Glorious days in San Francisco

We embark on a 900km drive to Las Vegas in a couple of minutes, having had a wonderful time in San Francisco.

Our visit to Alcatraz yesterday  was fascinating. For all of Sydney's fascination with water views, the spectacular views from Alcatraz probably wouldn't have been worth it for those incarcerated there! The bleakness of life on the Rock would only have been accentuated by the torment of being able to see, hear and smell the good life in SF across the water. 

Our performance in Union Square in the middle of the day was a memory for a lifetime. It was a great outdoor venue, surrounded by iconic shopping (think Tiffany and Co, Macy's, Saks on 5th Avenue, Neimann-Marcus etc), next to an outdoor ice-skating rink and in the shadow of a massive Christmas tree. The performances rose to the occasion and the students received a huge amount of praise from discerning observers, including professional musicians and music teachers.

We made it to the viewing locations for the Golden Gate Bridge just in time for sunset.

Last night the NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks was a nail-biter, with our adopted GSW team coming from behind to win with a buzzer-beater! Great times.

Now for the long drive throughout the desert

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