Sunday, 8 December 2013

Inaburra Music Tour USA 2013 - Part 1

And the blog returns..

At present I am on a music tour with 62 Inaburra students, 11 staff and 22 supporters. We are in the US for about two weeks, combining musical performances, workshops, sightseeing and .... whatever comes.

A blow by blow description of our activities can be found on Twitter @Inaburra or at

A couple of observations so far, which may or may not emerge from any experiences that may or may not have happened in the last couple of days ...

  • When supervising young people, a culture of trust and mutual respect is infinitely preferable to hyper-vigilant scrutiny
  • It is not difficult to recognise foreigners (including Aussies), even when they aren't travelling in a group of nearly 100 and wearing matching shirts.
  • Not every form of food is improved with a squirt of cheese sauce.
  • The Australian public health system has a lot going for it
  • There are lots of very friendly people everywhere - and an Australian accent is a great ice-breaker.
Off we go ...

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