Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Innovation in Education

At the moment I am plowing through a report from the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (an unit within the OECD) called Measuring Innovation in Education: A New Perspective.

I anticipate making some blog posts by way of summary and comment over the next little while. My initial thoughts have to do with the case that is articulated as to why innovation in education matters. Four reasons are succinctly presented (p.23)
  • Education innovation can improve learning outcomes
  • Education innovation can improve equity of access and equality of outcome
  • Education innovation can improve efficiency
  • Education innovation can ensure that education remains relevant in a rapidly changing context.
Innovation is a necessary activity for improvement, although it is not sufficient to guarantee any of the above. Change does not guarantee improvement.

Conceptually, any discussion of improvement requires measurement; the question is 'How do we measure?' I am hoping that this report will provide some direction as to how innovation in education may be meaningfully measured.

(As a side-point, one of the great frustrations for educators is that the things most easily measured (test scores, for example) are not at the heart of education. How do we measure character formation?)

I look forward to the rest of the report.

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