Monday, 9 February 2015

A point of change for this blog

A change of focus for the blog

A quick survey of posts made on this blog reveals that the process of blogging has come to me in fits and starts! Frequently inspired by conferences, books, speakers or the random ideas that flit through the ether, the blog has been a helpful way for me to process my thinking. Thanks to all those who have read along the way!

From today, the nature of the blog is changing. Whilst it will continue to unpack my thinking on all sorts of matters educational, it will do so in the context of being the 'official' content of the e-newsletter that is distributed to the parent community of Inaburra School. Associated with this change are a change of title, some modification of the branding and appearance and any number of other updates that are appropriate to digital renewal.

The posts that precede this one ought not be deemed with the same level of official school sanction as the ones that follow; I have floated more than a few kites and lead balloons in musings over the years. However, I did not want to remove the posts, recognising that they have an integrity of their own, and it seems to me that the URL for this post is more than appropriate for the new use to which it is being put.

Therefore, let's  ...

Faith, knowledge, love

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